You Got Engaged! Did You Know Each Flower Has A Meaning - Thanks To Our Global Heritage?

Bet you didn't know that Cactus means ardent love?  So far, no one has asked me to make them a cactus wedding bouquet. I haven't had many requests either, for the  ravishingly beautiful and mysterious pitcher flower. Carnivorous pitcher flower

 Could this be because the pitcher plant  gobbles up tiny insects for dinner? Yet who would deny its beauty? Frame it with red roses for passionate love; purple lisianthus for appreciation and a hint of ivy for fidelity.

You may want to avoid the carnivores and go for the refined beauty of white orchids, the modesty of pale peach roses and  the radiance of the rununculus.

If you must have the passion of the red rose but no carnivores, pair it with  secrets  of  purple irises,  mokara orchids,  stocks that say, you will always be beautiful to me and the peony that says happy marriage.

Roses say romatic love

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