Wedding Trends: Paris

Hear someone say “Paris” and you immediately think of great food, great art and yes, great fashion!  As far as weddings go, here is what caught my eye on a recent trip.  

green dress
green dress

I dodged throngs of peak-hour pedestrians to get a shot of this super chic lime green bridal gown! Multiple layers of green tulle filled the entire shop window. The deeply textured lace bodice clung demurely to the mannequin.

Still dazzled by all that green, I come across a Parisian gem on the cobbled street of Saint Sulpice.  A florist’s greatest delight at the end of a long day of museums and eating!

“Make me a bouquet - florist to florist!” I said to Yannick in my best French.  With a big welcoming smile, he plucked a handful of Pacific Blue roses and local berries - just the touch my apartment needed.

“Come again tomorrow," he said, "I have way more coming!”  The next day his narrow old-world shop was bursting with fresh blooms. But as with all well-heeled florists, space is no hindrance where passion and craft rule.

A green gown may not be in the cards for your wedding day. But why not peak your romance with my stunning green bouquet!