Bon Mot. Bon Carnation.

A meeting of the Bon Mot Book Club took place on February 13th, 2014, at the Vancouver Club. We chose a Valentine's theme for the centerpieces using carnations in rich shades of red and pink.  Dianthus, long known as flowers of the gods - flowers of love.

In some of the centrepieces, the green dianthus among the hot pinks added warmth and gaiety.

pink n green carnations
pink n green carnations

As one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers, the many colours of carnations have assumed different symbols.  Pink, symbolizing a mother’s love, is traditionally given on Mother’s Day.

And by mid-March, many of us think green: Spring, St Patrick’s Day, shamrocks, green beer. And the green carnation! It was the signature flower of Ireland’s beloved poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde, and is the name of a newly launched men’s fragrance, The Green Carnation.

We know that some things will always have their place. The dianthus, flower of the gods, remains.

- Lois