Weddings and Diversity

Early this year, I tuned in to a webinar hosted by WeddingWire. It addressed issues such as appropriate language and images, none of which was news to me, with family and friends who are queer.

What struck me though was the discussion around the need for those of us in the wedding industry to ensure that our services are inclusive. This was borne out shortly after in a consultation I had with Clare and Amanda. 

" I have to say, when we started the wedding planning, it was quite daunting," Clare said, when I asked why they chose me.

"As a gay couple, you never know how you will be received.  We  had a few awkward experiences, one being at a wedding show", Amanda explained,  "so when we met you, we felt so lucky. You were friendly,  never batted an eye and made us feel completely at home."

Their theme was simple and casual - sunflowers and mason jars. But their attention to every detail of their wedding was ardent. It was impossible to not get caught up in their joy, especially as I listened to Amanda describe the steps in getting her suit just right - lovingly hand-tailored by Balsam Tailors. All this without giving too much away within Claire's hearing!

Now I have a GLBTQ  package on Weddingful. No more guessing whether I am queer-friendly.