Lavender is Blue

In the world of flowers “blue” is often used to describe blooms in a range of hues including mauve, periwinkle, sky, royal and even some purples. Blue symbolizes peace, calm, purity, cleanliness, wide open spaces in many cultures and everywhere blue is associated with water and the sky.

It’s no wonder then that blue flowers hold such attraction and none more so than lavender which has been prized throughout history for its medicinal and culinary properties.

Summer in Vancouver is rife with blue flowers.  The scabiosa with its pale, translucent petals is popular with brides.  Towering delphinium and larkspur, perfect for large florals are abundant in shades from softest ice blue through periwinkle and into the deepest electric, royal blues and purples. Hydrangea bushes produce their large blooms in the same range of colour. For scent there is phlox in mauve and purple, and in these same shades is the delicate lisianthus.



And there are more. If blue is your colour come and explore the possibilities and even if your wedding is not till fall, there will still be blue and a few springs of late lavender can go a long way.