Just Say I Do

A Winter Gift For You:

Receive a complimentary head table arrangement when you book your wedding flowers with me by December 31, 2010.

The Lovestruck Wedding Show took place on November 7th in the newly renovated Vancouver Club, a location with old-world elegance starting at the stately front entrance and continuing through the grand rooms and hallways, all the way up to the Members’ Lounge on the 3rd floor where I had my booth.

A friend remarked days before the show, “So you have your tag line, Just say I Do, but what’s your design theme?” And for all the gauzy romance and white froth of this year’s Lovestruck theme, I felt drawn to blood-black bacarra roses with their luscious velvet petals. I wanted dense undergrowth of leucadendra and knarly vines heavy with tiny privet berries, turgid ropes of limey cymbidium orchids and large-headed calla lillies with their tubular bodies protruding like wild green exhibitionists, their wide-open throats blaring white light.

What I like about wedding shows is you get to create whatever you want. With the onset of Vancouver’s winter--its abundant evergreen textures and branches overrun with moss and dampness--I was in the mood for rich, dense and tactile.

I also enjoy the chance to reconnect with others in the business, such as Randal Kurt and Meralon Shandler of Randal Kurt Photography, winners of the 2010 PPABC "Best in Class" award for Photojournalistic Wedding, and always warm and approachable. Across from my booth, I had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn Bass of Pure Something whose exciting wedding gowns were featured in the fashion shows.




The day before the show, as I prepared for a consultation with a bride whose wishes were for the pale apricots and milk whites of spring blooms, I was enticed by the white tulips that spring out of our greenhouses around this time of year as we anticipate Christmas and perhaps some snow.

And for some of the guests at my booth there is nothing that says wedding like white.

As a part of the Lovestruck Wedding Show, I offered brides who signed with me before December 31, 2010, a complimentary head table arrangement. I'm extending that offer to you! Check out my website for more information.