Bring On The Terra-cottae

Terra cottae is made from clay. “Baked earth” is the literal translation from the Italian. Because it is accessible and durable and can be made resistant to  cold winter temperatures, terra cottae has beeen used for thousands of years for making cooking pots, bowls and ovens; bricks and roof tiles ; pavements and pipes for waste and water and it has also been  a favored medium for creating exquisite ancient and contemporary art.

For may of us there is something deeply satisfying about playing with mud. As children we remember creating clay figures and putting them in the sun to dry, in so doing, participating in a custom practiced by cultures throughout the world and over time.

It's no wonder that flowers and terra cottae are such good companions. Both have a deep and lasting  relationship to the earth  and together they evoke the comfort of home .

Why not treat yourself or a friend to the joy of flowers in winter- flowers that warm your heart or that let you savour the memory of  fresh- fallen snow .