February: The Month of Red Roses and Rabbits

It’s Chinese New Year, the year of the rabbit and soon it will be Valentine’s Day. We are thinking of luck and wealth, of love and hearts. Red is everywhere (check the rabbits’ eyes). Red is a colour that symbolizes happiness. I am often asked by brides, “What flowers come in red?” There is a long list starting with roses and including orchids, tulips, anemones, calla lilies, gerberas, poppies, carnations, amaranthus and many, many more.  Another popular question is “What goes with red?” This is where the fun begins!

Red mixes happily with the other two primary colours, yellow and blue. Think of spring bulbs: red tulips, yellow daffodils, blue irises arranged together in a clear vase of fresh water.  They put a smile on people’s faces.

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate the simplicity and perfection of the red rose with its green leaves.

My favorite way of using red is to combine it with the colours closest to it on the colour wheel- violets, magentas, hot pinks; or reds, oranges and yellows. These combinations create a warm harmonious mood, while still saying RED.

If what you are after is a truly sophisticated look, go for an all red bouquet in deep dark shades with luscious textures.


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